Board Members

All emails to the board can be sent to [email protected]

Diane Wollack  1st Vice President

  Diane Wollack, CPA
  Suttner Accounting Inc
Phone: 920.235.6789


John Runkel  2nd Vice President

  John Runkel, CPA
  Johnson Runkel & Kraegenbrink, Inc
Phone: 715.832.5779


Nick Greenwell  2nd Vice President

  Nick Greenwell, EA
  Simplified Tax, Inc
Phone: 608.269.2633


Dale Miller  Secretary

  Dale Miller, CPA
  DMA Tax & Accounting
  Phone: 608.221.2332

Heather Johnson  Treasurer

  Heather Johnson
  Kersten Accounting & Tax Pros
  Phone: 715.524.2302


Jolynn McIntosh  Executive Director

  Jolynn McIntosh, CPA
  JT McIntosh Accounting
  Phone: 608.328.8341

 Ben Gaus  Past President 

  Ben Gaus, EA, ABA, ARA
  Ramsey Hill Exploration LLC
Phone: 715.781-4384

 Alex Johnson Director

  Alex Johnson, CPA
  Burbey CPA LLC
Phone: 920.682.6661

Mark Nelson Sr 

  Mark Nelson Sr, EA, ABA
  Nelson Tax Accounting Ltd
Phone: 414.481.6812


  Matt KraegenbrinkDirector 

  Matt Kraegenbrink, EA
  Johnson Runkel & Kraegenbrink, Inc
  Phone: 715.832.5779


Travis Anderson  Director

  Travis Anderson, EA
  WA Accounting Inc
  Phone: 608.356.9494




2023/24 Committee Assignments



  • Mark Nelson Sr-Chair

Administrative Policies

  • Mark Nelson Sr-Chair
  • Mark Nelson Jr


  • Matt Kraegenbrink-Chair


  • John Runkel-Chair
  • Diane Wollack


  • Travis Anderson-Chair

Legislative and Government Affairs

  • Nick Greenwell-Chair
  • Paul Kersten
  • Harlan Rose


  • Heather Johnson-Chair

Education and Scholarship

  • John Runkel-Chair


  • Matt Kraegenbrink-Chair
  • Alex Johnson


  • Diane Wollack (President)-Chair
  • Jolynn McIntosh (Executive Director)
  • Ben Gaus (Past President)
  • John Runkel (1st VP)
  • Nick Greenwell (2nd VP)


  • Mark Nelson Sr-Chair
  • Mark Nelson Jr

Mutual Assistance

  • Jolynn McIntosh-Chair

Long Range Planning

  • Ben Gaus-Chair
  • Entire Board


  • Matt Kraegenbrink-Chair