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The Wisconsin Association of Accountants serves independent accountants in private practice, providing a forum for business and social intermingling.  The membership, which includes accountants from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan is dedicated to the highest standards of professional excellence.

Among its strengths is WAA's affiliation with the Washington based National Society of Accountants (NSA), an organization some 13,000 strong, with a great deal of legislative influence.

Take pride in your profession as an accountant and decide upon a membership type that's right for you.  You owe it to yourself to fill out an application and join the Wisconsin Association of Accountants.


WAA Member Benefits


Seminars and Educational Forums

The WAA conducts an annual two day tax seminar and convention.  It covers the latest in federal and state tax information, new legislation, rules, regulations and related subjects of vital interest to accountants.
In addition to the major convention activity, each year the WAA sponsors a number of educational seminars, including seminars from Gear-Up and Bob Jennings.  Experts from various fields are utilized to host these seminars, which fulfill continuing education requirements and keep accountants abreast of current techniques and philosophies in the field. We use some of the best speakers from around the country to bring you the best and most practical CPE that you can get.

As a member of the WAA, you get exclusive discounts to all of our seminars. In addition to discounts on our seminars, we have an agreement with the WICPA so that WAA members can attend their seminars at the member rate as well!

Click here to view our upcoming seminars.



To ensure that our members are up-to-date on all the latest tax changes, we require that you earn 25 hours of CPE credits annually, no less than 5 hours of which is in accounting, starting with the first year of membership.


Tax Talk E-list

Have you ever had a tax or accounting question that you spent lots of time researching only to remain unsure of the correct answer. Well the WAA has a new member benefit for 2015 just for you, a tax talk e-list. As a member you can email the e-list your questions and it will automatically get sent to everyone signed up for the list who are then able to respond to your question. WAA members have combined for thousands of hours of experience so if you have a question, chances are that someone else has had the same question and now knows the answer.

To sign up for the tax talk e-list email [email protected] and Mark will get you registered. To post questions or answers once you're signed up, simply email [email protected] and your posts will get sent to everyone on the list.


Discount Programs

  • Office Depot & Office Max

The WAA has partnered with Office Depot and Office Max to offer our members exclusive discounts on your office supplies purchased online or in-store at either Office Depot or Office Max. Some of our members have saved enough money utilizing this discount to cover their WAA membership fee each year!

Click here for the link to sign up for the Office Depot & Office Max discount program

  • Forrest T Jones Insurance

Are you protected by a solid professional liability policy? What would you do if you were subpoenaed as a result of a client being involved in a lawsuit? (tip: don’t just turn over documents without talking to an attorney.) Don't leave your business and potentially your personal finances at risk to legal fees or damages from a lawsuit. The Accountants Professional Liability Plan, available through the WAA, addresses the exposures members most frequently face. See our brochure for more details. It's easy to apply. Just print the application, complete and submit to:

Forrest T. Jones & Company  Fax: 816-968-0600 Or mail:  3130 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111 Attn: Ladonna Filler  Or email: [email protected] Email or call Ladonna Filler at 800-821-7303, ext 1157 if any supplemental applications apply to you.

  • Get Net Set Custom Website for Accounting Firms

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Local Chapter Involvement

Within your local geographical area is a chapter of the WAA which provides regularly scheduled meetings.  These meetings combine educational programs with the all-important social contacts necessary to a well rounded professional.
It is essential that, as a WAA member, you become involved in your local chapter functions.


Government Agency Liaison

The WAA is able to represent your interests before the federal, state and local government agencies.  Our representatives maintain continuous liaison with such agencies to support laws and regulations in the best interest of the accounting profession.  Solid contacts are maintained with the Internal Revenue Service, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and more.


Monitor Legislation

We have an active legislative and government affairs committee that monitors legislation that affects us.  They also attend the accountancy board meetings in Madison.


Accountant's Protection Plan

The WAA has an Accountant's Protection Plan that helps protect a member's practice, should he/she become temporarily or permanently disabled;
Insures that, in case of death of a practitioner, the family receives a fair and equitable remuneration from disposal of the practice;
Aids a retiring member or others who are interested in the selling, buying or merging of practices.

While the WAA can't guarantee exactly how we'll be able to help you, we will do everything we can do to help you and your practice if something happens to you.